Healthcare is more than just a doctor’s visit.

That’s what we believe at Heartland Health Outreach. Whether it’s a safe place to live or nutritious food, access to a dedicated medical team and medications or personalized counseling, Heartland Health Outreach provides comprehensive services to meet each person’s needs.

The people we are committed to serving are those who have the most challenges and the fewest resources, people who are homeless or struggling with multiple illnesses.

The people we serve are our participants – participants in their own care, working with us every step of the way to achieve their goals, improve their health and transform their lives. Heartland Health Outreach partners with them on their journey to physical and mental health by wrapping our services around them based on their needs and plans.

We deliver effective, responsive primary, oral and behavioral healthcare in our clinics, and we go outside our clinic doors, bringing healthcare to those who need it most – on the streets, in shelters, in our grocery centers and in our own housing facilities.

Welcome to Heartland Health Outreach - Where healthcare finds a home.


FEBRUARY 23, 2016

VITALINK - Winter 2016

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DECEMBER 7, 2015

States Freed to Use Medicaid Money for Housing

Communities with big homeless populations are increasingly turning to a strategy known as housing first. The idea: helping chronically homeless people to find a permanent home—and stay in it—is the best way to help them lead stable, healthy lives. An article from Pew Charitable Trust, featuring quotes from HHO Interim Executive Director, Ed Stellon.


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